Myth Creation




UX/UI design

Online sales are a big part of doing business in China, Red Arrow optimized the online sales experience with design, content and marketing materials for the car accessory brand.


A full range of 50+ SKU were rebranded for optimal market penetration. The eye-catching designs were accompanied by ample marketing materials and product photography.


The Dunlop® brand exhibited the new branded range of car accessories at the Canton fair in Guangzhou, China in a custom designed booth. Red Arrow has worked with booth builders in China and Hong Kong for many years and can deliver custom designed high quality builds, on time!


Poster design for online banners, outdoor media, and x-stands at the exhibition booth.


Dunlop® car-accessories.

Main forcus on China market with online marketing and sales materials.

INFODunlop® is a world-renowned brand. Because of our designs, the brand was able to boost sales for the 50+ SKU range through online sales and in-shop sales.

YOU SHOULD KNOWBranding is everything and especially in a saturated car-accessory market. The goal was to create a new visual identity for a range of Dunlop® car accessories. The range had to use the colour code of the Dunlop® brand and reflect its ambition to drive the future. We created a range of packaging with custom icons, marketing materials, a trade fair booth design, and app mockups.