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Smart Home

HomeOK offers a service kit to DIY install in your home to "Monitor what matters". The branding and brand execution was a big part of the marketing campaign. From 2018 till now the Red Arrow team has delivered on design, websites, sales funnels, packaging and social media management creating a consistent brand experience.


The HomeOK service provides sensors to place around the home that connects with your phone via an app. Red Arrow helped develop the strategy in which to best explain the use cases and how to best monitor your own home. The clear instructions and concise use of branding elements convinced many customers of the efficiency and simplicity of the use of the product.


The brand underwent a complete rebrand in 2021. The old blue and green logo was discontinued and so was the accompanying gradient. The new style was more simple and effective. The 'O' of the HomeOK logo was used as a target to draw attention to the thing that mattered.


Packaging design for the HomeOK service kit.

Website (re)design

From 2018 until 2021 the website and the brand underwent several updates. The Red Arrow team are passionate about creating the best possible user journey and brand experience.


Studio Red Arrow has developed several ranges of easy to navigate user icons, web icons, and custom category iconography.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels carefully crafted user experiences that convert a users journey into a convincing sale. Over the years we have created many successful sales funnels for the HomeOK brand.

Social media

The brand's primary driver for growth relied heavily on social media marketing. The Red Arrow team manages and delivers high quality marketing content for the brand. As the brand underwent a re-style so did the messaging and visual identity of the social media accounts.


It was important to show the product in an efficient way and translate the use of the service to the consumer. High-quality photography, 3d renders, videos and animations were all used consistently to create a user-friendly and easy to understand product line. The use of gradients was later omitted in favour of a more simple solid green and the minimal use of circles in harmony.


Printed marketing and sales materials are a staple of any business. Red Arrow took care of brochure, catalog, outdoor-advertising, exhibition flyers, and name cards, to create a consistent brand experience and entice new customers.

HomeOK Hero

In 2019 Red Arrow created the HomeOK mascot. A 3d character consisting out of the individual sensors and gateway that are part of the HomeOK service kit. The character was an immediate success. Consumers liked the brand appeal it created, especially on social media, and this in turn generated sales. The character was later named Harry HomeOK and was portrayed as a security guard monitoring your home. It was used for infomercials and marketing purposes.


Smart Home Security brand

Monitor what matters with HomeOK.

INFOHomeOK is a smart home brand designed in Germany for families. "To take care of the things you love". Studio Red Arrow created websites, sales funnels, printed matter, outdoor marketing, sales brochures, and a 3d mascot that was used in infomercials and social media advertising. The character drove sales and saved 60% on the cost per conversion.

Quote“We have worked with Red Arrow for the last 3 years. From web to exhibition booth design, they have consistently delivered creative and innovative, high-quality content on time. They are committed to building the best possible brand experience.” - Alex Shepherd, GM, HomeOK.