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Weekly Game Media Report
11/10- 15/10 2021

[Important – Investment]

Tencent becomes Bloober Team’s largest shareholder by acquiring 22% of its shares for US$19.5 million

  • Tencent continues to invest in Polish developers by acquiring  21.97% of Bloober Team shares for PLN 77.6 million (US$19.5 million). The deal makes the Chinese tech giant the biggest shareholder of the Polish studio
  • Tencent bought 3.8 million shares from investment firm Rockbridge TFI through its subsidiary Seren Century Limited
  • As a result, Bloober Team’s share price rose by 11.5% on Friday, from PLN 21.25 (US$5.34) to PLN 23.7 (US$5.96)
  • Earlier this year, Bloober Team announced partnerships with Take-Two and Konami
  • The studio is now working on a new game in the famous horror franchise, which led to speculations about it being the next Silent Hill. The company, however, denied the rumors
  • Bloober Team was founded in 2008 in Krakow, with its most famous games being Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, Observer, and The Medium

NetEase invested in Guangzhou Yixin, holding a share of 16%

  • Guangzhou Yixin was established in 2020 and is an Indie Game Developer with only 15 staff
  • The game developer is developing one SIM mobile game with Chinese graphic art style
  • Compared with 2018 and 2019, NetEase's investment in China Market is increasing, and the investment is biased towards the waifu game category and game teams with 3A or Console game developing experience

[Important – Financial]

App Store payments are anti-competitive rules Dutch antitrust authority

  • The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has found Apple’s in-app payment system to be anti-competitive following an investigation into the company’s store policies
  • The investigation included a complaint from Match Group, owner of multiple dating outlets including Tinder and Hinge
  • The dating conglomerate claimed that Apple’s anti-competitive policies inhibited direct communications with its consumers regarding payments
  • From December 9th, Apple will no longer be able to prevent developers from including external links that direct users to payment systems outside of Apple’s control, which circumvent its 30% cut

[Important – Market Report]

CNG: China Mobile Game Market Q3 2021 Report

  • In Q3 2021, the actual sales revenue of China's mobile game market was ¥55.469 billion(US$8.6 Billion)a QoQ decrease of 0.85 and a YoY+ increase of 9.09%
  • In Q3 2021, oversea mobile game market revenue was US$4.966 billion, a QoQ+ of 12.77%, due to the game performance of Genshin Impact, Puzzle & Survivle, Moonlight Blade
  • Shooting Genre accounted for Highest revenue in Q3 2021 in China Market, thanks to the performances of Game of Peace
  • Market Share of Turn-based RPG has certain growth as well
  • Harry Potter Magic Awakened ranked Top1 in First month Grossing with first month revenue of ¥1.1 billion(US$ 170 million)

[Important – Game Products]

Bilibili entered the top 5 grossing games list in South Korea market twice in four months; Bilibili opened the Korean market with waifu games

  •  Figure Story was published by Bilibili in South Korea, since the game was launched, it only took 2 weeks to reach the top 4 of the Google Play best-selling list, and entered Google top 3 download list for two consecutive weeks
  • In May of this year, another waifu game of Bilibili, Final Gear also won the third place in the best-selling list in South Korea
  • In just 4 months, two waifu games listed in Top Grossing lists in South Korea. In addition to the excellent quality of the game itself, Bilibili also came up with great publishing strategies
  • As for Figure story, Bilibili linked online activities with South Korea offline landmarks and publishing activities are targeted for core waifu game users

[Game News – SEA]

Blue Archive is now open for pre-registration in SEA &TW&HK&Macau

  • The game is published by Nexon and is a new RPG
  • Blue Archive takes players in the role of teachers. Collaborate with students to solve puzzles. The game is developed by NAT GAMES
  • iOS/Google Play

Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is launched in SEA&TW&HK*Macau

  • The new CBG+RPG is published by Komoe with real-time turn-based combat
  • The game is based on famous IP Douluo Dalu. (Soul Land)
  • Players will enjoy to hunt down Spirit Beast and collect the hero characters with their own unique ability and skills using gacha.
  • iOS/Google Play

[Game News – JP/KR]

 Undecember will be published by LINE Games starts CB till 19th Oct

  • The new ARPG +Shooting will be published by LINE game and developed by Needs Game
  • The graphic is South Korean Art Style

Squire Enix's Gates of Nightmares will be published on 26th Oct