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Weekly Game Media Report
27/12- 31/12 2021

[Important – Financial]

 Bytedance's 2021 ( Gaming Business) 

  • The official website of Nuverse is almost 1 year online
  1. The website of NUverse was launched in Feb 2021
  • Gaming related investments
  1. Invested in more than 11 gaming related deal
  2. In March, acquired Moonton; Entered the MOBA track
  3. In April, acquired C4 games; Enters the popular overseas card and SLG track
  4. Fully entered Metaverse by investing in Roblox alike company: Dai Ma Qiankun, VR company Pico and VR game company Meng tu Network
  • Performances in Oversea
  1. Success of RO X: Next generation in SEA
  2. Success of Figure Story in Japan
  3. Success of Mobile Legends: Adventure in South Korea ( iOS Best selling list Top 20)
  • Performance in China
  1. Published 4 hard core games in China: Blades of the Guardians/ One Piece Fighting Path/Wu lin Xian Xia/Flower(花亦山心之月)
  2. Developed Self Developed and Self Published Strategy
  3. Created a diversified publishing brand matrix for the Bytedance game business

[Important – Market Report]

Korean game industry’s revenue grew 21.3% in 2020, expected to exceed 20 trillion won this year

  • ‘2020 Korean Game White Paper' published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency
  • Last year’s sales were 18.88 trillion won - 21.3%↑ compared to the previous year
  • Mobile/Console 'Good', PC/Arcade 'Down'
  • 4th in global game market share, one step up
  •  Exports increased by 23.1% compared to 2019 to record 8,19,356 won, proving the power of 'K-game'
  • China still accounts for the highest proportion of exports (35.3%), but it is down 5.3%p from 40.6% in 2019. On the other hand, the proportion of exports to SEA recorded 19.8%, up 8.6%p from the previous year, and exports to North America (2.1%p) and Europe (2.3%p) also increased slightly

[Important – Game Product]

Remedy and Tencent are teaming up for a multiplayer shooter

  • Remedy Entertainment and Tencent have partnered for a new game codenamed Vanguard
  • The game will be a free-to-play, multiplayer, co-operative shooter
  • Remedy will develop and publish the game worldwide except for selected Asian markets. Tencent will pick up the localization and publishing duties in those markets
  • Vanguard is the second upcoming game announced by RemedyEarlier and is still deep in the proof of concept phase of development, according to the press release. There is no information on a release date

The great success of Tower of Fantasy in China

  • The game has been launched for nearly two weeks in China, first day revenue reached ¥50 million(US$7.8 million)
  •  Perfect World also revealed that the game's revenue has exceeded ¥200 million(US$31.4 Million) in the first week
  • Its possible for the game to achieve the goal of ¥600-800 million(US$94- 126 million) in the first month
  • Tower of Fantasy is an open world Waifu ARPG with a light Sci-Fi background
  • The game is an innovative product that has stepped on the "waifu + open world"; At the same time, it also inherits the MMO design and production experience accumulated by Perfect over the past few decades
  • The success of Tower of Fantasy is the success of Perfect's own transformation and it also showed that the performance of the innovation and transformation rate of China's game industry indeed kept up with the upgrading of user needs

NetEase's new FPS: Hyper Front

  • The game is a combination of MOBA +FPS with a Scifi theme
  • The game product has a fast-paced and convenient design adapted to the mobile terminal
  • MOBA +FPS market size is small meaning bigger market/game potential

Netmarble subsidiary Jam City unveils blockchain-based 'Champions: Ascension'

  • Netmarble’s North American subsidiary, Jam City, has established a blockchain-only department and unveiled a new blockchain-based mobile game, 'Champions: Ascension'
  • It’s a battle role playing game (RPG), and 'play to earn’ (P2E) method where you can earn money while playing the game
  • Users can own the rewards obtained by playing against other players in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Jam City is a global mobile game company that developed 'Cookie Jam', 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery', and 'Disney Emoji Blitz'

[Game News – SEA]

Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên is officially released in Vietnam

  • This is a turn-based RPG title with waifu gacha system
  • The game is published by SohaGame on 5 Jan 2022

[Game News – TW/HK]

MU: Sequel Miracle pre-reg exceed 500K in Taiwan

  • The new MMORPG MU IP Mobile game is developed with UE4 has exceed pre-reg number of 500k in TW
  • The players can fly up the sky & dive deep in the sea
  • The game will be published by Gamenow in 2022

[Game News – JP/KR]

Wemade launches global service for new blockchain game 'Galaxy Tornado ON WEMIX'

  • 'Galaxy Tornado ON WEMIX' was released on the Google Play Store in 174 countries, including North America, Europe and Asia , and supports 15 languages including English, Spanish, Indonesian, and Arabic
  • It was developed by NT Games, which developed various games such as 'Girl's Life' and 'Ocean Tales